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Charlotte Real Estate - Some of the Nations Ugliest People

Thinking of Moving to Charlotte? It Has Some Of the Nation’s Ugliest People!

Thinking of Moving to Charlotte? It Has Some Of the Nation’s Ugliest People! According to an article by Peter Schlesinger below! This may be one of the downsides to living in Charlotte, one of the nation’s fastest growing cities! photo credit by GuywithCrazyIdeas on Youtube   Regardless of how the people look, it’s one […]

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5 Important Things to Remember to Get the Best Mortgage

5 Important Things to Remember to Get the Best Mortgage The market of new houses is now experiencing a great increase in sales and profit. Old houses are now being traded for newer ones. A great way to finance your new home purchase is to obtain a mortgage. If there are instances that you are […]

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3 Steps You Must Do If You Want To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 7 Years Or Less

3 Steps You Must Do If You Want To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 7 Years Or Less One of the single largest financial purchases a person makes in a lifetime is a home. And more often than not, a home mortgage is required to fund the purchase. But how many people have been told, […]

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Ready To Invest in Real Estate in Charlotte? Here are 4 Tips for Success

Want to succeed in real estate? Make sure you read this blog post to learn how to do it! If you’re ready to invest in real estate in Charlotte, here are 4 tips for success… Ready to invest in real estate in Charlotte? Here are 4 tips for success… Tip #1. Read, Read, Read Whether […]

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4 reasons why rto are good

4 Reasons Why Rent to Own Homes is a Sound Real Estate Investment in North Carolina

If you’re thinking about investing in rent to own properties, make sure you read this blog post all the way through because it will give you 4 reasons why rent to own homes is a sound real estate investment. Owning investment real estate is a smart idea. But what kind? Should you flip houses? Should […]

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Take advantage of NC real estate opportunities

Opportunities Flooding US Real Estate – Where Are You?

Take Advantage of Real Estate Opportunities Real estate researchers conducted a nationwide study that proves that every year over two millions of people in the United States come under real estate foreclosure threats and most of them have no choice but succumb to the situation, thereby losing home. Most of the times, the homeowners owe more […]

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How to Find a Motivated Seller - Real Estate Investor

Motivated Sellers – How To Find One

Motivated sellers? “We were trying to keep the renters happy, the rent coming in and the house repaired – while living 800 miles away. You bet I was motivated. We just sold our house last month, and even got a good price, but I’ll tell you a secret. We would have sold the place for… well […]

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More Return for the Equity on Your Investment Property

Few would deny that real estate is a solid investment. It provides an attractive combination of stability, reliable cash flow, preservation of principal and capital appreciation. However, many investment property owners nearing retirement find themselves in a quandary. They are equity rich, but cash poor, with increases in the value of their property far outpacing […]

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Mobile Home Rentals – A Great Investment

Why mobile home rentals? Get past the prejudice and look at the numbers. According to a a two bedroom house in Charlotte (one of our primary markets) costs $120,000 and rents for $750/month. A $40,000 mobile home on real estate gets $600/month. Cash-on-cash return on investment is obviously higher with mobile homes. Don’t let […]

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Miami Beach Real Estate: Key Investment Points

We recently partnered with a Miami based investor and this is our take away from that wonderful yet trying (every deal has its ups and downs) experience… Sun, sand, nice beaches, palm tree-lined beach fronts, classy homes, glitzy fashion districts. People have plenty of reasons for moving to Miami, particularly Miami beach, including the sunny […]

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