A New Approach to Suburban Home Marketing

A New Approach to Suburban Home Marketing

The American dream is changing, and real estate professionals are doing their best to keep up in order to sell homes. Many buyers still want a big house in an uncrowded neighborhood, especially if they have a family, but there are conditions attached now. Long commutes into the city are Hud Houses and Investment Properties in Charlotte NCmore of a deal breaker now than ever before, and areas without a nearby business community, parks infrastructure, or future-proof layout are generating less interest. Realtors working in the suburbs must now learn to identify and market smart growth, and a well-rounded lifestyle, as well as the old ideals of comfort and privacy.

Soaring gas prices have made the suburban commute a tough sell, but public transportation is a cheap solution in many metro areas. Cities with long-established commuter systems have upgraded their routes to accommodate growth, while cities that expanded rapidly during the mid-20th century are building new commuter systems. Real estate agents who know the commuter systems in their area, and stay on top of development plans, can help more buyers find a suburban home suited to their needs.

Other new marketing angles for suburban real estate can include high quality school districts, parks systems, improved inter-municipal planning, outdoor shopping plazas, cheaper home prices, and a larger new home inventory. Knowing what makes these areas attractive to buyers will help real estate professionals close more deals, and promote smart growth where they live.

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