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Our Charlotte Area Mortgage Relief Program

Benefits of our Mortgage Relief Program


The Benefits of our Charlotte Mortgage Relief Program:
     No property management/maintenance fees. We take over the property and maintenance the property as the new owner.
     No costly house repairs. We are responsible for this.
     No land lording and/or tenant issues such as eviction and trying to collect the rent or paying the mortgage when the tenant defaults. We 
    Avoiding Foreclosure and further harm to your credit profile
    Avoiding lenders going after you for the loan balance
    Avoid vacant home vandalism and property theft
    We are responsible for overall upkeep and any additional expenses.
    Qualified, temporary Property Managers responsible for the home.
Our Mortgage Relief Program is designed for the Homeowner and/or investor who wants out of paying an unmanageable or unwanted mortgage payment. We especially help homeowners who’s house can’t be sold in the conventional market (upside down mortgage, under water mortgage, you owe more than what the house is worth). Not to mention the ongoing costs associated with these properties: mortgage expenses, taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs, etc. Worst of all, vacant homes have become targets for vandalism. Appliances, lighting fixtures, even copper plumbing, has been ripped from homes, bringing down the already depressed value even further. We relieve you of these burdens and stress. Mortgage Relief Solutions offers immediate debt relief through our Mortgage Relief Program. We Take over Payments, We take over Houses, We take over Property, We take over Mortgage payments. Now!
Almost all the homes that we take over the mortgage payments on have little or no equity in them also known as an upside down mortgage or under water home. Since there is no equity your home won’t qualify for purchasing the traditional way. No bank will lend money on a home that has no equity, is upside down/underwater or is worth less than what is owed on the mortgage. We are running a business. As such, we don’t buy “full priced” homes with no equity the standard or traditional way. The only way we can buy “full priced” homes with little or no equity is by taking over the house and mortgage payments for the full loan amount of your loan balance until the house is resold. When we resell the home your mortgage will be paid off

Of course it is not possible to give a time frame on when the house will be resold but that is when we make a profit from selling the home so we are extremely motivated to get it resold as soon as possible. In the meantime we will make the mortgage payments, take care of maintenance and market the property. So if do you have an Upside down mortgage situation? Do you owe more than what the property is worth? No problem. We take over…you move on.

Bottom line: We will take over your mortgage payments and home for the full amount of the mortgage.
                                                                                                                                                       Revised 3/1/17