HUD Houses in Washington and Below Market Value Investment Properties in DC

LookingTo Participate In The Real Estate Market To Earn Solid Returns On Your Hard Earned Dollars?

Searching the Hud Home Store for HUD homes in Washington DC is a very quick and easy way to find quality properties at a discount. Sometimes you can obtain a HUD houses in Washington DC 35%-40% below market value.  These HUD properties will undoubtedly need some work done to them but based on the discount you get the property at, the costs of the maintenance needed is well worth the price and time. Swing Real Estate focuses on bringing investors and future property owners, real estate that is before market value that is a will be a solid investment with substantial returns.

The HUD HomeStore consistently has houses in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia that are waiting for investors to bid and put an offer in on them. However, many investors are aware of this resource and those properties do not stay listed very long.  Savvy investor come in and cherry pick those properties as soon as they become available for investors to bid on them. Those savvy investors usually get those properties at 55%-60% of ARV (after retail value).

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