Making Your Rehabbed Property Standout in a Competitive Market

As the real estate industry continues its upward trend, there tends to be A LOT of houses on the market. Prices have increased since the collapse of 2008, but there are more listings than ever to choose from and sellers are giving incredible deals to buyers. Here are a few tips to make your rehabbed house stand out among the crowd!

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first way to draw attention to your home. Since it is the first thing that anyone sees, you want the “WOW” factor. I know people that have bought houses just because of the spectacular landscaping. I also know people who have not even bothered looking inside of a house because of the condition of the exterior. Make sure the exterior of the house is in tip-top shape so the potential buyer immediately wants to see the inside.

The following is your list of items to maintain curb appeal:

  • Cut grass
  • Trim all hedges and bushes
  • Add mulch to beds
  • Have flowering plants or potted flowers on the porch
  • Keep toys out of sight and place in the backyard or in a shed
  • Clean all cluttering debris such as sticks, garbage, old newspapers, etc.
  • Replace all the light bulbs surrounding the house

You want the inside of your house to wow potential buyers just as much as the outside.

The following checklist gives ultimate interior appeal. Make sure all items are completed before the first showing of your house is scheduled.

  • Clean! Every floor, window, closet and cupboard!
  • Remove excess clutter, toys, paperwork and knick-knacks. Clutter makes counter tops and rooms appear smaller than they really are.
  • Paint the walls in dirty rooms or where a room needs brightening. Bright rooms give the appearance that they are more spacious.
  • Make repairs to anything needed: hinges, doorknobs, plaster, steps, plumbing, etc.
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs.
  • Wash all window coverings. Open all of the curtains and blinds before a showing. Natural light makes a room appear bigger.
  • Open the doors and windows before a showing to fill the home with fresh air.

When the inside and outside are clean and neat, you may need to provide a bigger incentive to your potential buyers. Offer credit towards the closing costs, provided they use your closing attorney or title company. That way, you are familiar with the costs associated with the costs and can feel comfortable making that an incentive.

Another option is to price your house slightly before the competition to attract more potential buyers…and when those buyers (or agents) call, make them wait…if they want to see the house on Thursday afternoon, make them wait until Saturday morning and schedule several showings at the same exact time! When all of these potential buyers buyers show up and see one another it will create a fear of loss and a sense of urgency. The offer will surely come in and hopefully create a bidding war that will exceed your asking price and cause your “sale price” to greater than the previously higher priced comps!

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