A Smart Way To Buy Undeveloped Land

A Smart Way To Buy Undeveloped Land

There’s good news for those who want to buy unimproved parcels of land. Using a Web site, one company has developed an innovative way to match buyers with property that fits their needs-ranging from a first-time buyer to the experienced land purchaser.

A company called Landwatch.com has specialized in the auctioning of unimproved land. This company has created a specialized niche in the market and has been described as a leader in the industry of auctioning raw land all across North America.

The company has developed a reputation for finding property that matches the individual buyer’s needs, and is said to have established a solid, credible track record in the marketplace.

At the same time, the auction process offers buyers the comfort of knowing that they are buying property at a price determined by the market.

Here’s how the process works. Visitors to the Web site can click on the calendar page to learn when and where a land auction will be held. Auctions are held throughout the country in some of the fastest-growing areas of the U.S. at various convention centers and hotels.

Visitors to the site can then view the list of properties that will be available at the auction. Each property has a brief description and links to pages where buyers can see maps, aerial photos and any legal documents available for that property.

Once a potential buyer has identified a property he or she wants to purchase, the Web site suggests that the buyer contact a county planning department, speak with local realtors, read through area real estate ads and decide how much the property is worth. That way, at the auction, buyers can set the price for the properties they want and bid accordingly. Buyers are urged to decide on a maximum bid before they go into the auction.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to inspect a property before they buy. Walking the property, asking local developers pertinent questions, and meeting with brokers and bankers in the area are all steps they can take.

Ask the company about financing.

(We at Swing Real Estate, LLC are no affiliated with landwatch.com in any form or fashion, so like all transactions please conduct your necessary due diligence before purchasing any property.)



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