Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing in

Active vs. passive real estate Investing in is different than other types of investment opportunities.

When you invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and other types of securities, typically you will work with a broker who will collaborate with you to choose the best opportunities that will provide the type of payout you want.

You can choose high-risk investments that have a bigger potential short-term payout or more conservative investments that pay smaller short-term returns but offer more long-term stability.

Regardless of which type of investments you choose, you have very little ability to control the value of the security you choose because that value is determined by the marketplace, not the individual investor.

In other words, if you buy 100 shares of Amazon stock at $70.00/share, your investment is worth $7,000 at the time of purchase.

While the value of that investment can go up and down, you have no real control over the value of Amazon stock. All you can do is research, predict and invest based on expectations, unlike in active or even passive real estate investing in , as you will learn by calling 704-626-6220 today.

Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing in – What Are The Main Differences?

The main difference between active real estate investing and passive real estate investing is who is doing the work.

If you’re actively investing in real estate… you’re finding the property, negotiating the deal, fixing up the property, finding tenants, managing tenants, etc.

If you’re passively investing in real estate… you’re playing a much smaller role.

Your role can be as little as just providing the money… and a turn key real estate investment company like Swing Real Estate LLC takes care of the rest.

With passive real estate investing in when you go the “turn key” property route, management of the property usually will be handled by someone else, such as a management company or an onsite manager.

Passive real estate investing in , and our local area of Charlotte is a hands-free way to put your money to work for you.

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Controlling Value with Active vs. Passive Real Estate Investing in

With passive real estate investing in  through a turn key real estate management service, you maintain some control over the value of your investment unlock with stocks and bonds… and you don’t have to do the bulk of the work to acquire and maintain the property.

Controllable’s that positively affect the value of your investment property include things like raising the rent, making improvements, such as renovations or upgrades, or marketing the property to increase its visibility and desirability. These are all things we at Swing Real Estate LLC can hadle for you if you wanted the more passive investing route.

Plus, all of these actions that change the value of your property and can be done without you taking an active role in the management of that asset.

You simply make the decisions and let somebody else worry about implementing them.

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