We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Swing Real Estate LLC.

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“I needed to sell my home immediately and Ashley at Swing Real Estate was able to find an immediate solution that remedied a very stressful situation. He was very professional and very kindly walked me through the whole process. I would definitely recommend Ashley and Swing Real Estate.” – June 2016

- Angela Johnson

“It was nice doing business with you. Although I was somewhat skeptical at first, there was a peacefulness inside “saying go for it”! Moving through the process encouraged me. This was a learning and pleasurable experience; I’m elated with the end results…Thank you and your associates for responding so promptly. Be Blessed, Be Inspired!” -January 2016

- Melva H.

“Use them! My wife and I contacted [Swing Real Estate] and spoke with Ashley. He was very professional and heard our situation. He listened and we were able to sell our house in a couple of weeks at a good price. I recommend them and could not be more please with how responsive they are.” – October 2015

- Kevin F.

“I needed to sell my house fast and did not have time to have it sit on the market, nor did I have the money to make the repairs needed. I contacted them and they gave me a more than fair price for the house! I was able to get the money I wanted for the house and be able to be close to my mother. I recommend [Swing Real Estate] to any one wanting or needing to sell their house quick. They are truly professionals.” – February 2016

- James J.W.

“Highly recommend! They bought our house fast and made the transaction very simple. The attorney mailed us the documents we needed to sign and also wired the funds when everything was complete. If you want to sell fast contact Fair House Offer & Swing Real Estate today” -December 2015

- Randall R.

“[Swing Real Estate] were very professional and handled everything quickly. They offered my fiancé and I a fair price and closed quickly. I highly recommend them if you are wanting to sell your house fast and not have to worry about it.” -November 2015

- James P.

“When my mother passed away, her house was in poor condition. I contacted one company that bought “ugly houses” and they offered an unacceptable low price. I received a letter from [Swing Real Estate] and they agreed to look at. After some friendly negotiations, they offered a price that was almost double the previous company offer. The transaction was painless. Fair Housing took care of all the details. Even when some complications came up, they assisted and resolved the issue. We didn’t even have to clean the house or dispose of things in the house that we didn’t want. I highly recommend them. They were professional and courteous.” -January 2016

- Kenneth K.

“I am glad I was able to sell my house. Thank you Fair House Offer for making it happen!” – October 2015

- Jonathan L.

“I would recommend Swing Real Estate to any and everyone. I was going through a tough situation and was about to lose my property to the bank. I reached out to them at the last minute after exhausting every other option. They were kind, professional and were able to pay me cash for my property! Instead of losing the house to the bank and getting nothing, Swing Real Estate allow me to put a substantial amount of money in my pocket and start over fresh without having a foreclosure on my credit report.” – April 2014

- Beverly H. of Washington DC

“I was in need of selling my house fast and contacted Swing Real Estate. They were professional and responding very quickly. Before contacting Swing Real Estate I reached out to a few other “We Buy Houses” companies and none of them acting with a sense of urgency or got back to me. Swing Real Estate set up a time to visit my property and two weeks after seeing it we were at the closing table. I got a fair offer and could not be happier! I recommend Swing Real Estate to anyone looking to selling their property hassle free and quickly.”

- Theo B. of Charlotte NC