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3 Ways Wholesalers Can Find Motivated Sellers in Washington DC and North Carolina

A wholesaler is only as good as the deal he can present. This means finding motivated sellers who are willing to sell a property for less than current market value for any reason. Three ways wholesalers can find motivated sellers in include targeting very specific avenues, casting a wide net or something in between. Regardless […]

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4 Reasons to Stick with Wholesaling in Washington DC and North Carolina Before Moving On to Other Options

Many are attracted to becoming a real estate investor because of the large margins you can make. Unlike the stock market, real estate is a physical asset, that while it may fluctuate, it retains intrinsic value. When starting out, stick with wholesaling. Here are four reasons why you should before moving on to other forms […]

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5 Tasks Wholesalers Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants – Swing Real Estate LLC

Wholesaling real estate is often the first step for a new real estate investor to learn the trade and make some money. As the middleman, wholesalers can make some quick cash without a lot of personal financial risk. That being said, as market presence builds and more deals sit on the table, some tasks that […]

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