How To Invest With A Self-Directed IRA in Charlotte

At this point in your life, you might be thinking about how to invest in your future. One increasingly popular way is to put your money into a self-directed IRA. With a self-directed IRA, you run the show. You are in charge of how your money is invested all while receiving the benefits of an … Continued

Mobile Home Rentals – A Great Investment

Why mobile home rentals? Get past the prejudice and look at the numbers. According to a a two bedroom house in Charlotte (one of our primary markets) costs $120,000 and rents for $750/month. A $40,000 mobile home on real estate gets $600/month. Cash-on-cash return on investment is obviously higher with mobile homes. Don’t let … Continued

Money Managing During a Rehab Flip

Money management during any real estate investment venture is an essential and vital skill. If this is your first time flipping a property it is probably more important on the first flip than any other as you need to fully realize how much things cost and how quickly those expenses can add up. Easily a … Continued

Make More Money From Land

Land investment is increasing in popularity as it becomes more affordable for individual investors. The realization that large areas of land are likely to be granted permission for housing developments in the future has encouraged people to add land to their investment portfolio. How can you make money from land? While nothing is guaranteed, carefully … Continued

Hard Money for Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is one of the most common uses of hard money funds. Real estate investing is a cash intensive financial activity. In order to take advantage of ongoing projects, investors often require more operating capital than conventional banks are prepared to provide on short notice. When conventional financing takes too long or is … Continued

Can’t Really Picture Yourself Retiring?

The original article can be found here. It’s Ok..Neither do I, but that doesn’t mean I’m not preparing for retirement. I’m a competitor, a fighter, and someone that enjoys challenges so the thought of retiring, not working and sitting on the beach or playing golf for countless days on end is NOT appealing to me. … Continued

Beware! Don’t Put Your Retirement in the Hands of Your Employer or the Stock Market

Beware! Don’t trust your retirement plan with your employer or you could end up like the people below (keep reading)… According to an article in bizjournals found here… “Duke University faces allegations that it allowed employees to be charged “unreasonable and excessive fees.” A class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of more than 20,000 Duke employees, alleging that … Continued

Debunking Common Myths About IRAs

Taken from an article I wrote on linkedin that can be seen here: According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investments, 96 percent of Americans saving for retirement don’t know the current contribution limit for an individual retirement account, with some guessing as low as $1,000. The reality is that for tax year 2005, IRA … Continued

1031 Exchange Tax Deferred Benefits are Hard to Overlook

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code contains arguably one of the most potent provisions of the tax code for real estate investors, the 1031 tax exchange. Many wealthy real estate investors have used this tax code provision in combination with aggressive pyramiding and upgrading strategies to accumulate huge investment property portfolios. Here’s how it works: OVERVIEW … Continued