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How to Find a Good Realtor in Charlotte NC

1. Meet agents out in their working environment, not in their Charlotte offices. Good agents spend very little time at their desks. (If an agent is at his desk, that usually means they don’t have a lot of business.

2. Make sure the Charlotte NC agent has experience and has worked a few years in real estate. You will want an agent that is willing to knock on doors that are not for Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.50.16 AMsale. An agent’s network is KEY.. You want to make sure the agent is connected!

3. Check out open houses. Don’t worry that you are not interested in that particular property. The agent knows that open houses rarely produce a buyer for that home and use the open house as a tool to find buyers. Get to know the agent who is conducting the open house and find out which agent is actually listing the property (many times the agent who is conducting the open house is not the agent who has the listing).

4. Make sure your agent is online. Having a web savvy agent is very important in today’s market since over 80% of all buyers initially see their homes online. Great agents have laptops and often have moved to mobile technology to assist. Today’s good Charlotte real estate agent must email, text, and be available to buyers and sellers alike.

5. Look for signs that the agent is busy. A hard-working, go-getter of an agent is good. You’d rather want an agent who is out making things happen for you, then one who is available to be in front of your We Buy House in and Around Charlotte North Crolinaface 24/7.

6. Be sure that your agent is knowledgeable about the Charlotte NC Market. Ask questions about things you have learned through your real estate search. If they don’t know more than you – after all, this is their livelihood! – go on to seasoned agent.

7. Ask “Can you recommend service providers who can assist me in obtaining a mortgage, making repairs on my home, and other things I need done?” A Charlotte NC real estate agent should be able to recommend more than one provider and shouldn’t receive any compensation or referral fee.

8. Ask “How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently?” Using what medium? There is no correct or right answer here but you must be comfortable with their answer.

9. TIPS:

  • Don’t expect an agent to call you instantly when you leave a message, but do expect a call back within 24 hours or a reasonable amount of time depending upon the situation.
  • Don’t call your Charlotte NC real estate agent after hours, past 8 pm or so. They have a life and a family too.
  • This is your most important transaction of your life, a seasoned real estate agent does this everyday and understands the many problems that arise during the process. It is important to keep the big picture in mind and not to make mountains or mole hills.
  • Your house / or the house you are buying is a good. Supply and demand within a neighborhood andCharlotte House Buyers city plays an important role in the pricing and timing of a sale. Try not to become overly emotionally involved in the purchase/sale of the property.


Hopefully these 9 (or so) tips help you find a good Charlotte NC Realtor.

If you need any assistance in your house buying or house selling process call ____________ at +++++++++++++, a good Charlotte realtor with years of experience in real estate.