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Our Lease Purchase Program – How Does It Work?

Its an alternative to mortgage default or involuntary foreclosure or short sale

Described below are a few different scenarios or situations that will work with the Lease Purchase Program

Our Lease Purchase Program is not complicated at all. We will agree to rent your property for a specified amount of time and anytime during that lease we can purchase the property at an agreed upon price.


Essentially, the seller is leasing the home while giving the buyer the “option” to buy the home at a future date, for an already agreed-upon sales price. Meanwhile, the buyer is responsible for all maintenance and repairs.

This program affords you the opportunity to command a higher than average sales price, and immediate debt and/or stress relief.

This program is great for homeowners/sellers that are:

1. Upside down/underwater

2. Don’t have a lot of equity

3. Wanting  to move and are on a tight time frame

4. Home currently sitting on the market month after month

5. Making double mortgage payment

6. Have a vacant home or property

7. Can’t compete with distressed properties in the market

You now have options!

The rent-to-own/lease option program is the best resource to assist you with obtaining top sales price. A properly structured lease option agreement will be greatly beneficial to you financially and mentally.

What is The Cost to You the Home Owner?



Remember, we are renting from you, so you will make money upfront and then when we buy the property you will  make money on the sale!
This is our Lease Option Program. Call us! Most likely your property will qualify for our program! Our number is 888-277-2711.
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