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Our Mortgage Relief Program  How Does It Work?

Its an alternative to mortgage default or involuntary foreclosure or short sale
Described below are a few different scenarios or situations that will work with the Mortgage Relief Program
Our Mortgage Relief Program is not complicated at all. Our process works well for non assumable mortgages too. We’ll simply become the new owners of the property and start making the future mortgage payments. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to read, sign and notarize and then we’ll record at the local county recorders office. All of this takes place at an attorney’s office and the process is quick and easy.
Let’s follow the steps that a typical home owner — we’ll call him Bob — would follow:
Scenario a: – Bob is current on the mortgage payments on his home. First, Bob tries to sell his home through his local realtor. He is informed however that the current market value of his home is much less than what he owes on the mortgage. He has an upside down mortgage or an underwater home. Bob wants to move but can’t because he owes too much on his home. He’s able to pay the mortgage but doesn’t want to. Bob wants a new home right away with better financing, lower mortgage payments and wants a new home that is not upside down (owes more than what it’s worth), cost less to buy, etc. His credit is still good and he can qualify for another mortgage. He contacts us at Swing Real Estate and Fair House Offer and after discussing his situation, Bob decides to have us take over the mortgage payments and home. We provide the paperwork to Bob and after he reads, signs, and notarizes the documents at the attorney’s office Bob moves out and we become the new owners of Bob’s old property and we start making all future mortgage payments.
• Bob moves into his new affordable home, and gets from under the upside down mortgage or underwater home.
Bob never makes another payment on his old home. We took over the mortgage payments and he moved on.
Scenario b: – Rick lost his job. He doesn’t want to pay his mortgage out of the little savings that he has, besides when that is depleted, he doesn’t know what will he do then? Rick wants to avoid foreclosure on his credit because he may purchase a home later when his financial situation improves. He’s already in danger of defaulting on the mortgage and wants to avoid foreclosure and since he cannot obtain a new mortgage loan after a foreclosure for a very long time.  Rick hopes to avoid foreclosure and maintain what ever good credit rating he has left. However, Rick also owes more than what his home is worth. He is unable to sell but can’t stay in the home and make the mortgage payments because he has no income. He sets out to find a solution to his problem. He contacts Swing Real Estate and after a brief consultation and Q & A session he decides to let Swing Real Estate and Fair House Offer take over the home and future mortgage payments. He can now concentrate on straightening out his financial situation and perhaps purchase another home later. Rick moves out and we take over mortgage payments and property.
• Rick never makes another payment on his old home. Swing Real Estate took over the mortgage payments and he moved on. 
Scenario c: – Matthew is one month behind on his mortgage payment already and is willing to walk away from the mortgage debt and home. His credit is shot and he does not care for whatever reason. He is willing to foreclose or perhaps he has no choice in the matter. However he hears about us, Swing Real Estate and our mortgage relief program which can take over his mortgage payments. Matthew figures he was going to foreclose and walk away anyway. He has nothing to lose, only gain especially if Swing Real Estate can take over the mortgage and home and avoid foreclosure Matthew will benefit in the end.
• Matthew never makes another payment on his old home. We took over…he moved on. 
So again consider this alternative: Our Mortgage Relief Program. We take over…you move on.
NOTE: ONLY If you are ready and willing to Walk Away is our Mortgage Relief program for you.

This program is designed Only for owners who have Voluntarily given up a desire to continue to keep their property for whatever reason or perhaps they may be facing foreclosure. This is no scam. We are not trying to trick anyone out of their home. We do not want your property unless you have decided that YOU do not want to pay the mortgage anymore and/or do not want the property and you have considered foreclosing and/or walking away. Again, our program is not for homeowners who want to remain in the property, Only for those who want to give up their property due to imminent foreclosure or other personal circumstances. In other words…Take over my House…Take over my payments…Take over my Mortgage.
You turn the house over to us and we will become the OWNERS OF THE PROPERTY. We will provide you with the appropriate paperwork and documentation along with the proper proof of recording at the local county recorders office or the appropriate institution for recording in your state. We are upfront, honest and ethical. We are not trying to convince you to rent the house back from us with the promise to sell it back to you later. Nor are we trying to strip you of any equity because in almost every case nowadays there is none. We believe it is better to try our Mortgage Relief Program than to foreclose voluntarily or involuntarily and stain your credit for at least seven to ten years.
A realtor may tell you that a short sale of the home is the best alternative. Read below to find out why a short sale may not be the best alternative:
So, If  a) you cannot sell your property and it is perhaps vacant and you are paying the monthly mortgage note and you can no longer afford it anymore, our Mortgage Relief Program will keep that monthly payment in your pocket to spend as you please. Or if  b) your home is occupied and you cannot or will not pay the mortgage anymore, even if you are behind in payments, then this may be for you as well.
What is The Cost to You the Home Owner?
We charge No upfront fees or commissions for these transactions.
Remember our mortgage relief program is not a scam or built to take money out of your pockets. This program is specifically designed for homeowners who are considering walking away from their property or have walked away already and DON’T WANT TO or CAN’T PAY THE MORTGAGE ANYMORE It’s also a better and another alternative to voluntary foreclosure. If nothing else worked try this.
So if you are a Home Owner and are upside-down in your mortgage and have and underwater home, can no longer handle the payments, just want out and even attempted do a short sale and it fell through, there were no valid offers or you realize the credit hit on a short sale is the same as foreclosure or you have been turned down for a loan modification, the bank won’t accept the deed and foreclosure defense lawyers are just offering to just buy you more time, then call us right away at 888-277-2711or 704-594-1919
Its time again to start taking control of your life. You’ve already lost the investment money and the house. The parcel of land/ house/ condo already has lost its value. We find that many owners are prepared to take the credit hit, if necessary, but they just don’t want any other personal exposure. Many homeowners just want to return the deed to the bank or lender (deed in lieu) but most lenders won’t do it if there is a second mortgage or the property is “upside down or underwater” and if they do accept the deed the consequences are the same as foreclosure. And who wants the lender chasing them with a deficiency judgment (which they will most certainly do) for which the borrower may be personally liable for up to 20 years? The alternative?
Our Mortgage Relief Program. Call us! Most likely your property will qualify for our program, TODAY!  888-277-2711. Don’t let things happen to you…make them happen for you.

If you have any questions email us directly through our contact page or call us at 704-626-6220 or 704-594-1919.